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We’re about as geeky as you can get when it comes to gear at Bigfoot; but what really makes us stand apart from brick-and-mortar music shops is our equally, if not more so, geekiness for service! Need some pickups installed? No problem. Guitar setup? Piece of cake. Trumpet mouthpiece forcefully lodged into trumpet and won’t come unstuck? Put down those pliers right now and stop on by! (Seriously. Put down those pliers. No bueno).

In fact one of the coolest (albeit less advertised) services we offer at Bigfoot is pro audio consultation! What’s that, you ask hypothetically? Well…

What It Is and Why You Probably Need One:

We all need a helping hand (or…ear) with our sound setup at some point. This is true of professional performance venues to volunteers at your local church. Whether you’re struggling to get to the bottom of your latest audio system quirk or looking to optimize your current setup, the best thing to do for yourself is get a trustworthy pro to come out and survey your dilemma. At Bigfoot we’re absolutely delighted to head on down to your place of businessworship, or RAWK to offer expert advise andtraining! It can save you a lot of frustration, heartache, and money! Here’s why:

1) Buying New Stuff Might Not Fix/Improve It

Everyone wants the same things out of their sound systems: efficiencyease-of-use, and the best quality performance possible. Which is why when things start getting janky in the tech department the common “solution” to poor sound system performance is buying something newshinyexpensive, and/or complicated to replace or add to the existing setup. “If we just buy those high-end, gold-plated contact microphones for the drama team, we’ll stop frying our power amps!”

This happens EVERY TIME we do Hamlet!

Though there are those sharky PA consultants out there who’d gladly take advantage of what may look like an unsolvable or complicated solution by pushing the new and pricey gear on folks, we prefer the “let’s fix what you’ve got first” tactic for sound system troubleshooting. Sure, if it turns out the best solution to your EQ problems is buying that $3,000 digital soundboard from us, we won’t fight you! But rarely is it ever the best solution or even the solution at all. 90% of the time, something just needs to be plugged in correctly. No additional purchases necessary.

Ah, the familiar headaches of high school assemblies…

Having us come out to your venue, studio or church may often save you from taking an unnecessary and unproductive course of action.

But let’s say you’ve got your system nailed down and all the ins-and-outs entirely at your disposal; you’re just wanting to make it THAT much better! If you’re dancing around the idea that it’s time to upgrade or introduce some new stuff and you’re just not sure how it’ll all jive with your venue and/or setup, we can help! Allowing us to educate and advise you on future purchases ahead of time can save you from accidentally throwing money away!

Sure, everthing is inaudible to the back row

but the lasers were a great investment!

Let’s say you’re looking to change venues or grow your current system to meet more audio demand (i.e. a growing congregation). We can also help with redesigning your entire system to meet your needs!

Tell me again where you wanted the 8’x4′ subs installed?

But hold up…this sounds like a lot of work and collaboration. Do I even have enough time in your schedule for a consultation?

2) We’re Quick and Not Crazy-Expensive*

Yes! Probably! Seeing as how a typical Bigfoot consultation takes about an hour, we’ll be able to get a complete picture of your needs and what to do to fix or optimize your system. From there, we can give you your best options for repair, purchase, and eventraining!

3) Yep! We Also Offer Training**!

This is an especially handy service for churches, being that most church sound systems are almost entirely volunteer run and often change hands among folks with varying degrees of experience and know-how. Sometimes that big, expensive repair or purchase you were planning to get your system up to snuff is merely a case of well-meaning operator error; it’s amazing how a little professional training can go a long way! We’re more than happy to spend a couple of hours with your sound engineer or production team to set them up for success with mixinggeartroubleshooting, and basic operations of your own system and setup. In my own experience with church productions and helping to manage a team, setting aside a couple hours of time for some real, hands-on training can make a world of difference for you and your system’s overall performance!

So whether you’re behind the wheel of a high-end professional system for a major concert venue, the mix master in a tiny hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, a volunteer at your local church, or piecing together a pro-level recording studio, Bigfoot can help! Contact us ASAP to schedule your appointment with one of our experts and we’ll get you setup and going strong, Bigfoot-style!

Stay excellent and have a good week!

*Typical Consultation Rate: $60 per hour

**Training Rate: $60 per hour (training sessions usually last 2-3 hours; we prefer groups no larger than 2 people at a time for sessions).