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Tuesday-Friday 10am-7pm | Saturdays 10am-6pm | Sunday & Monday CLOSED

Service and Repair

Our repair policy is First Come, First Served.
Expect most repairs to take around a week, but sometimes they can take up to two weeks if we have instruments ahead of yours.

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, etc.

Restring $20 - $30*
Setup (Action, Truss Rod, Nut Height, Intonation) $60+*
Cleaning & Conditioning $20+*
Pickup Swaps and Installs  (Discounts for multiple pickups and for pickups purchased from us)  $40 - $60
Electronic Repair & Customization Call for Prices
Hardware, Nut, Saddle Repair or Replacement Call for Prices
*Depending on the condition of the instrument upon arriving at our shop, the rate can change if more work is needed than usual


  • Custom Cables - Call for Prices
  • Cable Repair - Call for Prices
  • Modifications - Call for Prices