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Hey, remember back in March when I talked about all the sweet new gear that Peavey released for NAMM 2016? If you don’t remember, (due to you likely having a life and all…or worse, NOT SUBSCRIBING), here’s the link to the newsletter in which I covered all sorts of awesome new Mini and Micro guitar rigs that specialize in keeping things small and simple without sacrificing the awesome power of RAWK. Not the least of these was the highly-anticipated Piranha™ Micro Head; a micro rig soanticipated, in fact, that you’ll notice it took us four…five…seven months to actually, physically get one in the shop due to hype and backorder. Well, I’m writing this today to tell you that the hype wasn’t just hype, and the Piranha (as well as another mini metal machine I’d like to highlight for all my bass players out there) is pretty flippin’ killer

Peavey 6505® Piranha™ MicroHead

There are at least two reasons why the year 1992 was awesome: first and most importantly, because I was born!

And almost as importantly, because that was the year the world really got to know one of the best heavy metal amplifiers in history: the Peavey 6505. Well, technically when the world met the 6505 in ’92, it was going by the name of 5150; but due to a certain Eddie Van Halen, the rest is history. But that’s another story! I make fun of Van Halens diva shenanigans enough in this blog. Instead, I want to talk about Peavey’s most recent addition to the legendary 6505 amplifier family

It’s so…adorable…?

Yeah, don’t let the cute, bite-sized package fool you into thinking this amp is anything but pure, raw, unadulterated RAWK. Considering this humble looking micro-head takes its name from a species of small fish that can render an entire wild bull to beef puree in about nine seconds, be prepared to expect devastating performance from a not-so-devastating size.

The Peavey 6505 Piranha continues the 6505 family legacy of raw tones and pure power as well as being the reliableheavy-duty, go-to amp for hardrock and metal fanatics the world over. But in this new micro-incarnation of the classic Peavey amp, the Piranha makes all of that huge power and kickass tone available in a simple, portable package for you bedroom rockers, recording artists, and minimalist giggers looking to add some edge to your act.

All the best parts of the classic 6505 head is available to you in this tiny hellbeast:

– Those beloved Crunch and Lead dual-channel options for switching from tight, chunky rhythm to face-melting high-gain lead lines

– A cleverly parred down approach for toggling through several popular 6505 tone options with an easy-peasy single EQ knob (check out the official manual to see how convenient they’ve made it for dialing in the perfect 6505 tones).

– And of course, an open-faced metal grill to showcase the single 12AX7 tube, proudly displayed by the evil glow of a single red LED in order to show off the unquestionable superiority of a said tube. Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Look at the glowing red light. Look at it!

“Small enough to use in a bedroom {insert childish giggle here}, but powerful enough for the studio”, you get an impressive 20 whole watts out of something this miniscule as well as all sorts of re-amping options when paired with good quality cabs or other amps. You also get a spiffy buffered FX loop, 1/8” Auxiliary Input, 1/4” Headphone In for practice, and a handy 1/4” Speaker Out for direct or combo runs. All in all, the Piranha is a robust, simple, no-nonsense approach to great tone and power while giving you an edge not just in metal, but in portability and versatility.

Also, did we mention it has a REAL TUBE in there? Do you see it? Is it obvious enough yet? Maybe they should install another LED…


And now, for the lower-but-certainly-not-lesser end of things…

Miniature to the MAX

Bass rigs get heavy. They just do. It’s the glorious consequence of being the most earth-shatteringly powerful sound in the band: you need big, tough drivers to handle all those tremors you’re making down there in the bowels of the earth. And in the bowels of the audience.

See that face? That’s the face of a kickass bassline right there.

But if you’re sick of hauling cumbersome equipment around from gig to gig, studio to studio, creepy basement rehearsal to creepy basement rehearsal, Peavey has supplied a convenient, portable alternative to the giant cabs and heavy heads without skrimping on power and presence. Check this guy out!

We here at Bigfoot Music maintain a strict “It’s not the size that counts…” policy.

The MAX® series of Peavey bass amps boasts some of the coolest bass gadgetry out on the market today for the working player, and even when they condense all the bassy goodness of the MAX into the new, aptly named MiniMAX™ head, the unit itself might be reduced, but that doesn’t mean your tone and power have to! Ultralight weight and rock solid construction, the Peavey MiniMAX is the on-the-go bassist’s soulmate, as well as a handy companion for studio or at home. On the back panel of the head, you get everything connectively necessary to run direct to a mixer, PA system, powered speaker, hook up outboard effects, and/or pair MiniMAX with a cab or bass enclosure for a tough-but-easy professional bass rig. On the front panel, things start to get interesting

Peavey’s MAX bass amps of all stripes come equipped with creative and innovative circuitry to get the most out of your rig, and the Mini is no exception. Cool geek-pleaser features include:

– DDT™ speaker protection LED indicator to prevent signal clipping and distortion (located conveniently on your Power switch, in fact)

– Deluxe 3-band EQ including PunchMid-Shift, and Bright controls for endless tone sculpting possibilities

– And perhaps the most interesting of all, the sinister-sounding Psycho-Acoustic technology for optimum low-end enhancement using the power of harmonics…and your MIND!!

(Seriously though, the circuitry – and the biology! –  in this part is fascinating, and I recommend reading more about Peavey’s Pyscho-Acoustic tech in the manual here if you like nerd stuff).

Best of all, in spite of all the goodies this little guy comes with (Active/Passive inputoptions, built-in chromatic tuner, ground-lift, etc) the controls themselves are simple, intuitive, and uncluttered making your versatile bass rig that much more convenient and player-friendly. And I should also mention that, with up to 500 watts of power and with Peavey’s TransTube® circuitry and flavoring, the tone in this thing is impressive all across the board.

Did we mention it comes in a sweet, fashion-foward bag? METAL.

But hey, don’t just take my…blog…for it: head on in to the shop to check out either of these killer Mini rigs – 6505® Piranha™ and MiniMAX™ – and hear for yourself that you don’t need flat-bed-truck-sized cabinets and amps to get the lead out.

Also, it’s October. Which means it’s practically Thanksgiving. Which means, it’s practically Christmas time…so…*wink wink* *nudge nudge*