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It’s that magical time of year again…Post-election season beer-in-the-shower-alone party! Also, Winter NAMM gently floated down upon us last week as it does and, as gear-heads are wont to do, the time has come to all huddle together around the warm glow of the Internet to speculate and pre-emptively judge equipment and instruments before we get to actually see them! Woohoo! (It’s not our fault…we all got the Bigfoot flu this year, I swear…)




First in a small series of NAMM tidbits, let’s talk Presonus:

New Consoles: StudioLive 16

If there’s one thing you can say about Presonus (and believe me, there’s more than one thing we can say), it’s that with each improvement and innovation on every new generation of gadget they make, it’s never going to be enough. They will find a way to not only make it excellent the first time, but improve on that excellence the second, third, fourth time, and so on. Until you get something as spiffy as the StudioLive 16: a compact-but-still-packin’-32-channels version of the StudioLive 32, with all the features (both whistles AND bells!) previous StudioLive consoles had plus new and/or improved goodies. I’ll hold off on gabbing about it too much since it was only just released this month, but I will say that you can look forward to:

– Redesigned FX engine

– Redesigned workflow (for folks like me who can’t keep their knobs straight)

– Touch-sensitive motorized faders (17)

– Fully recallable (17 recallable XMAX preamps)

– New Fat-Channel processing (rebuilt from the ground up)

– Virtual Sound Check

– Vintage-style EQ’s and compressors

And of course, their Capture™ multi-track recording software which made the previous generations of StudioLive boards awesome and ridiculously versatile! But hey, don’t take my word for it: listen to the sultry voice from this awkwardly seductive promo video for the board from Presonus themselves…

That’s their latest gadget for the studio or on the go guys. Now, for the bedroom rockers and home recording artists…

New Interfaces: Recording in 2/6 or 6/8

No, I’m not talking about time signatures (but if you caught that lazy little joke up there, here’s a virtual high-five for putting up with my crap), I’m talking about Presonus’ new recording interfaces!

We Sasquatches have been singing AudioBox praises for quite a few years now, and though we’re still proud of our shop’s go-to-recording interface, it’s pretty exciting to see the next generation of wee studios Presonus has let loose like a flock of compact, portable, LED-riddled doves.

That sounds gross for some reason… but you’ll see what I mean by “LED-riddled”!

The Studio 26 and 68 USB interfaces have all the stuff you loved from their AudioBox counterparts – petite-but-rugged chassis, MIDI I/O, combo jacks for the whole instrument farm, XMAX preamps, and a soothing blue sheen – but with a few extra bits and bobbles I’d like to highlight here:

Cue Mix A/B function allows you to toggle back and forth between two different mixes (say, monitor and recording output) with your headphones. This is not only a more convenient way to dial in separate mixes while recording; it’s also really handy for live DJ-ing and podcasting when you need that extra feedback.

LED level readouts to gauge both INPUT and OUTPUT levels as you go (see? “riddled”)

– Balanced line-outs in addition to Main L/R

– And of course, it comes jam-packed with everyone’s favorite DAW, Studio One® Artist!

For more detail, you can check out their product page on the official website, or you can experience an abstract commercial that will subliminally inspire you to buy a dozen of ‘em…through feelings…

And now for the loud stuff!

New Speakers: For Those Who Like’em Long

Presonus’ Ultra Long Throw speaker clan has added yet another to their cadre of active-duty Class D’s. A lovechild between WorxAudio and Presonus, the ULT10 is a smart design not only in aspect, but in functionality and performance with an emphasis on nice ‘n wide horizontal dispersion with brilliantly focused vertical dispersion, resulting in exceptional clarity and even coverage for the whole room/venue/studio. The engineering behind the dispersion pattern is really quite interesting, and you can read more about here, but for now let me list some highlights:

– Custom-designed rotatable Pivot X110 horn (110 degrees back/forth, 50 degrees up/down) for full-but-crystal clear sound

– Multi-angle enclosure for permanent installation in practically any shaped venue, stage monitor use, or studio playback, giving you a very versatile loudspeaker for any occasion

500 Watts of continuous, Class D power for the 10” woofer; 150W for the Pivot X110

6 Year Warranty courtesy the good folks at Presonus

Portable, highly versatile, and customizable for whatever application best suits you, I can tell you these are sure to be a real treat once they arrive at Bigfoot headquarters!

Stay tuned for more NAMM updates as they come, and be sure to subscribe if you already haven’t. There’s a sweet deal in it for ya, if you do!

Stay excellent and have a good week!


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