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Yep.... He comes in here regularly and hangs out in the back with a cold one.... We Call Him Squatchmo

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you guys a record store?

Why did you guys decide to call yourselves Bigfoot Music?
The tale of the store name is a long and probably untrue one. Come in and ask us sometime. You’ll get a different story from everyone.

Do you guys ever buy instruments?
We do buy instruments and equipment. However, we never buy, trade, or consign anything unless we’ve seen it and evaluated it in person first.

What about trade-ins?

We also occasionally do trade-ins for different instruments and equipment. However again, we don’t do trade-ins for anything we haven’t seen in person. So be sure to bring in the instrument/equipment in question before expecting a deal 🙂

What is my instrument worth?

That depends on a lot of different things: brand, condition, model, year, etc. The simplest & most accurate way to determine value is to have us take a look and give it an appraisal. We’ve been known to do that sort of thing often enough! In regards to what we might offer you if you’re looking to sell to us, bring it in for an appraisal first and we’ll go from there.

Do you guys do consignments?
Yes. Same thing goes for consignments as far as letting us evaluate and appraise the instrument/equipment first. Our percentages depend on the value of the instrument in question.

Do you guys do layaway or financing?
We do 20% down for layaway and typically you have a 60 day period in which to fully pay it off. We also offer financing on any purchase at $250 or more (6 months, no interest with credit approval).

Do you guys do instrument rentals?
We do rent a lot of band instruments for school music programs including horns, woodwinds, strings, bell kits, etc.
We don’t rent guitars, basses, drums, or keyboards.

Do you guys rent out sound systems or P.A. stuff?

We have a small P.A. system that is available for rental. Call ahead to check with us about pricing and availability.

Do you guys do any sort of repair work on guitars?

All the time! All of us here on staff are experienced in guitar and bass work as well as drums, amps, and other equipment.

It’s also worth mentioning that we are a licensed Fender warranty repair facility so if you need a warranty repair from any of the following brands, we’re your guys/gals: Fender, EVH, Jackson, Gretsch, Charvel, Squier and Fender Custom Shop

Who is the repair guy/guitar tech on staff?
All of us here on staff are professional guitar and bass techs, with Deric and Ryan having the most experience and specialties (Deric being our amp genius and Ryan being our resident Guitar Setup, software, and P.A. wizard). Both Ian and Colton can do various small repairs and setups, but spend most of their time on the sales floor to make sure you get the gear that’s right for you.

What are your rates for repairs?

We don’t usually flat-rate repairs, so be sure to bring your instrument in so we can give you a more accurate estimate. Our bench-rate is $60 per hour.

Can I make an appointment to repair my instrument?

We do not make appointments for repairs. Our system is “first come, first serve” so there is generally going to be people in line already. We will try to accommodate when we can, but we almost never do a “while you wait” repair.

Do you guys make house or business calls?

We do make frequent calls to churches and businesses for P.A. or software equipment trouble-shooting and set-up; residential calls are made on occasion. Call ahead to schedule your time and to check for availability.

What’s your return policy?

For most things, we hold a ten-day return policy (some exceptions do apply). This of course requires that the product in question is in the same condition as it was when we sold it (inlcuding packaging) to you. If you break a clarinet over your knee and try to return it later, it probably won’t work out so well.

Do you guys offer music lessons?

We have music teachers here at shop who do everything from guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, ukulele, and occasionally other things. We do not currently have anyone who officially teaches piano or vocals, but we can refer you to people when we know.Music Lesson Info

What are the rates for lessons?

Most of our teachers charge $80-$100 per month for a 30 minute lesson once a week.

How do I schedule a lesson?

Our teachers do their own scheduling, so it’s best to call them directly to see what works best for each of you. Their contact info is listed on this website under "Music Lessons"

Do you guys have any sheet music?

We don’t often stock ready-made sheet music, but if you have a specific piece of music you’re looking for, we have an online library that we use to download and print music right here in the store. We do, however, stock quite a bit of tablature and literature on guitar, bass, drums, violin, banjo, mandolin, keyboards, etc.

Have another question? Give us a call!