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Holy Used Martins and Taylors Batman!!!

We pleasently find ourselves in an abundance of used Martin, Taylor and even a breedlove guitars. We thought we would get the word out so anybody looking for such a guitar wouldn’t miss out. There is something for everyone. Take a...

New Goodies from NAMM 2017:Pump Up with Presonus!

It’s that magical time of year again…Post-election season beer-in-the-shower-alone party! Also, Winter NAMM gently floated down upon us last week as it does and, as gear-heads are wont to do, the time has come to all huddle together around the warm glow of...

“Piranha” to the “MAX”: Classic Metal in Mini Forms

Hey, remember back in March when I talked about all the sweet new gear that Peavey released for NAMM 2016? If you don’t remember, (due to you likely having a life and all…or worse, NOT SUBSCRIBING), here’s the link to the newsletter in which I covered all sorts...

Sound System Trouble? Bigfoot Can Help!

We’re about as geeky as you can get when it comes to gear at Bigfoot; but what really makes us stand apart from brick-and-mortar music shops is our equally, if not more so, geekiness for service! Need some pickups installed? No problem. Guitar setup? Piece of cake....

3 Awesome Brands That Let You Customize Your Gear!

Or I suppose I could call this one “3 Awesome Reasons I Got Distracted from Writing an Actual Blog This Week”. That’s the downside to being a gear-head whose job is write about gear…you get distracted by the gear. Especially when you can stroke your own ego at the...