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“The Holy Pickup Trinity” Part 2: Extra-Metal-Growl!

…Or at least, that’s the term James Hetfield apparently uses to refer to his favorite brand of pickups: EMG’s. In actuality, EMG stands for “Electro-Magnetic Generator” but honestly, Hetfield is so big and burly that I’m afraid to correct him lest I end up with the...

“The Holy Pickup Trinity” Part 3: Itza Me, DiMarzio!

At last we come to the third and final installment in what has been easily one of my favorite series’ of articles to write! Completing our most Holiest of Pickups Trinity (amen!) is none other than the manufacturer that started it all...and by “it all” I...

“The Holy Pickup Trinity” Part 1: Seymour Duncan

Every once in a blue moon, a customer will come into the shop and ask us a rather frank question: "What is the BEST pickup?" The answer (at least the honestanswer) however, is never so frank as the question. The simple fact of the matter is, there are thousands of...

3 Reasons to Get Your Guitar Setup: Bigfoot Style!

Guitarists will never be in want of accessories. At times, the vast plethora of guitar accessory options can overwhelming: straps, tuners, buttons, strings, picks, fretboard cleaner, polish, microfiber rags, pickguards, pick holders, pickups, pickups, and more...

Mixing 101 Part 2: “The Weird In-Between Part”

Last time in “Mixing 101”, we zoomed through a lot of information concerning the basics of the ever-mysterious MIXING CONSOLE *cue ominous music!* Granted, on subjects like this one, there's a lot to cover and it isn't always easy to keep things simple AND accurate....

Mixing 101 Part 1: Inputs, Gain, and EQ Basics

For the uninitiated, there are few things in the realm of sound reinforcement more intimidating than the dreaded mixing console. I mean, just LOOK AT IT: all those knobs and buttons and sliders and faders and jacks and…*hysterical breathing*… You get my point. And...

Translating Music Store Lingo Part 1: Guitar Strings

Every industry has its “inside language”, from advanced medicine to dog grooming. And with our society becoming more and more specialized in each industry, taking someone who is an expert in one thing and sticking them in the context of another thing often creates...

3 Reasons to Start Playing Ukulele

Every generation has its flagship musical instrument. If you ask me, (which of course you will because you know I’m a freakin’ genius) I’d say the mainstay of popular instrumentation over the last six decades has been the guitar, being a very publically accessible...

A Back to School Guide for the Panicking Band Student/Parent

Judging by the depressed faces of the children I see all around me and the anxious, angry faces of the parents accompanying their depressed children, I get the sense back-to-school is just around the corner. "NOT AGAIN!!" If you're a band student (or the parent of a...

Bi-Amping for Dummies…and Smarties?

It is often the case that, in the realm of pro audio, you’ll encounter three types of people: the gear heads (people who live and breathe in the technical elements of things and who love to tinker and experiment with components and audio theory);...

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