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Or I suppose I could call this one “3 Awesome Reasons I Got Distracted from Writing an Actual Blog This Week”. That’s the downside to being a gear-head whose job is write about gear…you get distracted by the gear. Especially when you can stroke your own ego at the same time while you’re obsessing over said gear by personalizing it! Below are 3 manufacturers that offer their customers a chance to build-your-own thing! And after you build it, you can buy it from your friendly neighborhood FenderMapex and/or Seymour Duncan dealer.

I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with Schmigfoot Schmusic”.

Here’s hint #2.

Design Your Own Drum Kit:

Ever wanted to see what your perfect drum set would look like without having to leave the house or put on pants? Me, too! Which is why I gladly recommend getting sucked into the custom drum vortex of Mapex’s MyDentity Kit Designer: a highly entertaining online tool that allows you to pick your own shells (including different woods and dimensions), wrapshardware, and more and arrange them in whatever gnarly way you see fit for yourself!

The best part? If you like what you’ve made (and you can spend hours and hours on this thing making thousands of different combinations), you can have Mapex make it for you through one of your local dealers. *cough cough wink wink*

In the meantime, if you’re looking to procrastinate by any means necessary, at least do so with your own fantasy drum gear! Don’t worry if you forget to do all the rest of those important things you had on your list today: we at Bigfoot understand. (For more info on Mapex Drumscheck this out).

More cymbals! MORE! MOAR!

Build Your Own Pickups:

I touched on this briefly in my Seymour Duncan portion of the “Holy Trinity” series earlier this year; one of the coolest services Seymour Duncan offers to pickup connoisseurs and compulsive tinkerers alike is their Custom Shopwherein you can design your very own pickups from scratch!


Start by choosing your basic type (Humbucker, Strat or Tele single-coil, P-90), and from there the world’s your electromagnetic oyster!  Figuratively. The literal implication of that is terrifying.

Although the SD Custom Shop layout may not be as bells-and-whistle-y as the MyDentity stuff, you do get the advantage of collaborating with world famous pickup designers (Seymour, MJ and the gang) to make your perfect pickup. There’s a staggering amount of options available to you: string spacingmagnet typeoutputcolorpotting/no potting, etc. At the end, you’re also encouraged to just tell Seymour what kind of sound/tone you’re going for, and he’s more than happy to take it from there. Four to six weeks later, and you’ll have brand new custom pups co-built by you and Mr. Duncan. Spiffy, no?

Speaking of spiffy…

Make Your Own USA Fender Guitar:

This one, I’ll admit, was pretty much the reason why this blog didn’t turn out quite so bloggy.Much like Mapex MyDentity, Fender’s American Design Experienceallows you to goof around with all sorts of different guitar optionsuntil you’ve achieved your perfect Fender electric guitar or bass. After that, you can buy it straight up!(Through a local dealer you know and love, of course!)

Now I can half-way tell the truth about Reggie Hamilton

and I co-designing a bass!

Start either from scratch or use one of their American Artist Signaturemodels as a jumping off point for your own design. After that, you’ve got free reign to choose tonewoodshardwarepickupsnecks, and more! The way I see it, if you’re shelling out the dough for an American Fender, you might as well get one that coincides 100% with your tastes and preferences. I think I’ve made about thirty different Teles in the time since I figured out this was a thing…

So yeah, these three things are pretty much why the blog is hardly a blog this week. Oh, but don’t worry! I’m sure I’ll find something else to B.S. about come next week. In the meantime…

More Telecasters! MOOOARR!!


Stay excellent and make some custom instruments!