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Sound System Trouble? Bigfoot Can Help!

We’re about as geeky as you can get when it comes to gear at Bigfoot; but what really makes us stand apart from brick-and-mortar music shops is our equally, if not more so, geekiness for service! Need some pickups installed? No problem. Guitar setup? Piece of cake....

3 Awesome Brands That Let You Customize Your Gear!

Or I suppose I could call this one “3 Awesome Reasons I Got Distracted from Writing an Actual Blog This Week”. That’s the downside to being a gear-head whose job is write about gear…you get distracted by the gear. Especially when you can stroke your own ego at the...

5 Essentials for Your First Home Recording Studio

I like backpacking. It’s relaxing, good exercise and increases your chances of an epic grizzly fight by about 100%. As any experienced backpacker should know (and have memorized) there’s what we call the “10 Essentials”: gear and items you need to necessitate your own...