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Basses Loaded! Precision vs Jazz Shoot-Out!

Anyone catch Batman V. Superman in the last few weeks? Me neither. It’s not DC’s fault that Marvel just makes better movies… BUT! That doesn’t mean I’m not largely a fan of both characters or of the DC comic universe in general. See? Anyway, I bring this...

Translating Music Store Lingo: All About That Body

The music gear industry can be a fickle thing. For all the hard science that compromises the technology and innovation we use to make music every day (electromagnetism, ferromagnetics, transduction…really, a lot of it is magnets), there’s an equal, if not greater...

Bigfoot Music’s #1 Strings: For Guitar AND Bass!

When you take up an instrument, it doesn’t just end there, does it? We’ve noticed. This is especiallytrue of guitarists who often find themselves with a laundry list of sub-hobbies that suck us in like a wolf spider being sucked up by a shop vac…kinda like the...