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“The Holy Pickup Trinity” Part 2: Extra-Metal-Growl!

…Or at least, that’s the term James Hetfield apparently uses to refer to his favorite brand of pickups: EMG’s. In actuality, EMG stands for “Electro-Magnetic Generator” but honestly, Hetfield is so big and burly that I’m afraid to correct him lest I end up with the...

“The Holy Pickup Trinity” Part 3: Itza Me, DiMarzio!

At last we come to the third and final installment in what has been easily one of my favorite series’ of articles to write! Completing our most Holiest of Pickups Trinity (amen!) is none other than the manufacturer that started it all…and by “it all” I...

“The Holy Pickup Trinity” Part 1: Seymour Duncan

Every once in a blue moon, a customer will come into the shop and ask us a rather frank question: “What is the BEST pickup?” The answer (at least the honestanswer) however, is never so frank as the question. The simple fact of the matter is, there are...