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A Quick Word on Chromes

Do you like jazz? I like jazz. I think. I probably don’t understand it enough to say I’m a “jazz fan”, but I really do love Mid-Day Jazz on 88.5 and the like. And that’s the other thing: I’m not a jazz musician. I took a couple...

Kellie’s Crash Course on Strings: Part 1

Acoustic Strings: Alloys, Coats, and Attitudes Whether you’ve ever gone to college, played in a traveling folk band, hung out with hipsters of various demographics, or just plain wanted to pick up chicks, you’re familiar with acoustic guitars. And chances...

A Quick Word on Nylon Strings

While we’re tackling the complicated, murky, and forboding world of guitar strings (dun dun DUN!) the next couple of weeks, and before we get into electric strings, I think it’s worth a mid-week “mini-blog” to cover some ground on the subject...